Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Brian May "Les Diableries" Press Conference @ Hôtel de Sully, Paris Nov 25 2014

Brian May "Les Diableries" Press Conference @ Hôtel de Sully, Paris Nov 25 2014
"Les Diableries: Aventures Stéréoscopiques en Enfer"
Press conference for the Book  "Les Diableries: Aventures Stéréoscopiques en Enfer" @ the beautiful Hôtel de Sully.
Long introduction from author Denis Pellcrin and Brian May (in French) with images on the screen and the history for some of the pictures which was very interesting.
Then we had the short movie with animated images that was done recently and finally a short Q&A.

 It lasted 2 hours with a small buffet in the back and Brian chatted with everyone before and after the Conference, with journalists getting the book signed and a couple of fans getting their cds signed as well.

 As always Brian May was nice and charming with everyone.
short video:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Brian May "Les Diableries" @ Librairie Le Monte-en-l’air, Paris, Nov 24 2014

 Brian MayLibrairie Le Monte-en-l’air, Paris, Nov 24 2014
 72, rue de Ménilmontant, Paris
"Les Diableries: Aventures Stéréoscopiques en Enfer"
 Rencontre de dernière minute (Merci Julien) avec le guitariste de QUEEN: Brian May venu présenter un livre écrit en collaboration avec Denis Pellerin et Paula Richardson Fleming sur Les Diableries.
La soirée a commencé avec une petite présentation sur écran des Diableries en version animée, un petit court-métrage amusant avec la Musique de Brian May spécialement enregistrée pour ce petit film d'animation numérique qui permet de donner vie à ces photos du XIXe siècle créées à Paris dans la quartier de Belleville.
Puis suivie d'une séance de dédicace du livre et de quelques disques de QUEEN pour les fans du groupe Anglais venus en nombre ce soir.
Pas de besoin de préciser que BRIAN MAY a été adorable, comme d'habitude.
soiré très sympa

 Ce livre est le fruit du travail passionné de trois auteurs – dont Brian May, l’un des membres fondateurs du groupe Queen ! – qui permettent, pour la première fois au XXIe siècle, de publier dans un même ouvrage l’ensemble des Diableries du XIXe siècle. Ces Diableries sont nées en France dans les années 1860, d’une fascination commune pour tout ce qui se révèle être diabolique, ce sont des séries de dioramas dépeignant la vie de cet autre monde que nous appelons l’Enfer.
This book is the result of the passionate work of three authors who have made it possible, for the first time in the 21st century, to publish in one book all of the known Diableries made in the second half of the 19th century.
Diableries were born in France in the late 1850s out of a general fascination for everything diabolical. They are tabletop clay tableaux depicting life in this underworld we call Hell and which bears a very strong resemblance to Paris.
At the time Diableries captured the interest of the public thanks to the medium of the stereoscopic cards which had been the latest trend since the early 1850s. These dioramas have several layers of meaning (satirical, political, religious) that are all revealed in the book. 
These amazing and patiently restored binocular reproductions can been seen in glorious 3-D thanks to the OWL stereoscope included in the book.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lenny Kravitz @ Paris Bercy, Nov 23 2014

Lenny Kravitz @ Paris Bercy, Nov 23 2014
Lenny Kravitz back @ Paris Bercy, in front of a full house though it's not officially sold-out. As usual lots of very beautiful girls in the audience. We arrived on the site very early but Trombone Shorty played @ 7:00pm sharp.So... too late to see him perform. What the Hell is going on around here ? I've never ever seen a support band playing so early !!! We have some nice seats in the stalls on the right, perfect spot.
Funny stage, it's round with a huge screen in the back that is round as well. Cindy is back on drums, Craig on guitars, Gail Ann Dorsey on Bass + keyborad player and 3 girls on backing vocals.
Lenny is still playing the rock star with nice poses and attitude.
Very long version of "Always on the run" 15 min+ that was really cool, not too sure about the new songs... Show was video recorded.
First part of the show on autopilot then it became very lively and kicking..." Are you gonna go my way" was massive.

First part was ok then it was rockin'...

Sacré lenny , toujours à se la jouer Rock Star, mais c'est pour ça que les filles l'aiment. Ca commence gentiment puis ça monte petit à petit en intensité jusqu'à une superbe version de "Always on the run" de plus de 15 min avec une longue jam. 2 nouveaux titres sont filmés pour une prochaine vidéo. "Are You gonne go my way" , son titre le plus rock, excellent. Comme quoi quand lenny veut , Lenny peut.


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